Experience in the field

For 12 years, starting in the late 90’s I helped create a charity that pioneered outdoor camping retreats. I have been leading retreats, workshops and teaching mindfulness since 2006 and am interested in integrating meditative approaches with counselling and psychotherapy. My counselling practice is grounded in 25 years of personal growth work and inspired by the Human capacity to be ever more present with life’s rich experience.

Believing in our potential

I firmly believe that effective counselling has the power to change people’s lives. Each of us has contained within ourselves an extraordinary desire and capacity to know ourselves at ever deepening levels and when we step inside a safe and supported space with a trusted guide and a willingness to look at ourselves, new possibilities are sure to arise. 

My counselling training was at Re-Vision in London and led to a BACP Diploma in Integrative Psychosynthesis.